My Name is Renata,

I was on a Tour called my “First Love” 2017 and Dr Gerrit Nel and His Lovely Wife Martie Nel was part of this. 

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Before I left for Israel it felt like my Whole life was falling “apart”. Just everything was upside down, including my Suitcase. I could not understand it. I was Praying for God Encounters the whole year through until it was time to Leave for Jerusalem.

I had three Major God Encounters that Changed my Life forever!!  We as a Group had a Teaching about the Micvah Baptism. The First time I heard about this kind of Baptism.  We went to the Jordan River the next day, the Lord Spoke to me and said He wants me to do this. I did not wanted. I was scared of my hair, make up. I Heard the Voice of the Lord again and He said I must go into the Water. I did not know what to say  to the Lord. But when I got into the Water the Holy Spirit came Upon me Mightily and Words came out of my Mouth saying “Today I am Dying to self” I could not stop crying.

Then we as a Group had a Teaching about BEING CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. The Holy Spirit changed my Heart regarding the Image I had about myself. I can Love myself again and the Love of God just Increases more and more daily in my life. And Love Others with the Love of the Lord.

The Love and Hospitality I received from everyone at Beit Chai, Jerusalem was AMAZING!! I call it the my Home.

The Revelation I Received from the Word of God through the Teachings of Dr Gerrit Nel and Martie Nel was and will always be in my Heart.

My life Changed completely in every area and I will definitely go back to the House of Love.


Beat Krauer- 2016

My name is Beat. I am 65 years old and experienced the 10 weeks of discipleship very positive. Living close together with 20-30 brethren and the intensive time of teaching with Gerrit as well as the assignments, challenged and changed me.

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The experiences I have gained now help me in my everyday life. My understanding of the Jewish way of thinking and through that my understanding of Thora as well as my life as a Christian who now knows the roots of his faith have been deepened. I am grateful to God who made an attendance to this seminary possible and I am looking forward to the continuation of the teachings in September.

Eva Krauer- 2016

In these wonderful 10 weeks in Beit Chai I was able to experience and learn about “LIFE” on a new level and I am extremely grateful for a blessed time and for friendships that resulted out of our fellowship.

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Among many other things, the most important for me was to learn to accept myself just the way I am and to not accuse myself anymore and to not feel responsible for everything around me anymore.  My perspective and my way of thinking and doing things has changed. My dependance on my Maker and Father and not other people leads me further into freedom. Praise and gratitude to God! See, taste and experience for yourselves how good God is!!

Erin Nel- 2016

Wat ‘n absolute blessing om die Avontuur toer te kon doen! Dit het fisies en geestelik my grootste verwagting oortref iets wat iemand op die toer vir my gesê het sal my altyd bybly…

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Jy sal sien, jy sal weer kom, want jou ligaam gaan terug huistoe maar jou hart bly agter.  En my hart het agtergebly in Jerusalem en by sy mense.  Daar is net iets spesiaal daar, dit is onbeskryflik.  Die toer was propvol, opwindend, onsettend leersaam en almal het gou vriende gemaak.  Gerrit, jou kennis is verbysterend, wens ons kan elke dag by jou leer, baie dankie dat ons ook daarin kon deel.  Ek kom gou weer, en bring sommer baie mense saam hierdie keer! Die hele span is verwelkomend, gasvry en kan wondere verrig met maaltye … en heerlike koek as jy gelukkig is om daar te wees met jou verjaarsdag.  Dankie aan elkeen van julle wat die toer vir ons so spesiaal gemaak het.   

Leoni – 2016

Die ondervinding met hierdie toer was ongelooflik, ek het dinge in my lewe ervaar wat geen mens kan beskryf nie. Ek wil net getuig dat ek glad nie nie toer beplan het nie. 

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Een sondag Oggend so uit die bloute vra iemand of ek nie saam met haar Isreal toe wil kom nie, ek het toe dadelike die maandag my bespreking gemaak, my geld betaal, en als het deur gegaan sonder enige probleme. My plan was om volgende jaar Venice toe te gaan met die Msc cruise, maar die Here het toe my menslike besluit uitgewis; sommer permanent. Die plek wat ek regtig baie geniet het was die berg van Masada , dit het my weer eens besef hoe dankbaar ons kan wees , om te dink dat daardie mense daardie gevaarlike aftraandes moes loop net om water te gaan haal en dan weer al die pad op, dit was nie net a vinnige op en af storie nie dit was met krag en mening en beplanning gedoen. En tweedens die see van Galilee dit was a ongelooflike ervaring geweest, Ja nee so kom ook goeie dinge en goeie herhinderinge tot a einde maar eindlik was al die besoeksplekke verrykend, en interessant.Weer eens dankie almal en julle dierbare Uppington mense , julle is n groep duisend, ons het so tuis en welkom by julle gevoel.

Ritha Behrens – 2016

My time in Jerusalem was a time of feeling so close to Abba as well as a time of peace and learning to Pursue Life. I learned over the time how discipleship fits into our lives and how to teach others how to have order in their lives and how to pursue life!

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We are the Father’s dwelling place and it is wonderful how I can lead others to have a revelation and lead them, in order for them to pursue to be God’s dwelling place. I enjoyed making many new friends and walking around in the Old City while thinking of everything that happened there over centuries! I praise Father for keeping His Hand over me while I was there and helping me to cope with the pain while enjoying and learning each day. Thank you to the whole Nel family for all your time and kindness and wonderful meals you prepared for us. It was 8 weeks that I will always cherish in my heart for the rest of my life!!

Matthias Lorenz – 2016

I had a great, great time at Bet Chai in March 2016 during Discipleship School!  From the first moment its just perfect, the moment you walk in first you feel at Home!

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 You are already blessed through a family atmosphere of peace, joy and incredible hospitality. Everything is perfect, the amazing people, accomodation, location, food….  And as if this is not enough you get incredible teachings & inputs through Gerrit, who is a really blessed shepherd!  In my case this time changed my life extremely, my faith to YHWH has found a new, better start, and Im so thankul for everything what they did and provided to let ABBA work on me!  I found new brothers & sisters and a home in Jerusalem!

Actually there is only one thing thats not perfect…..
….the time you have to say goodbye :-(
Looking forward to see you soon! 

Theresa Carwood – 2016

When you visit Beit Chai and the Nel family in Jerusalem, it is not a stop-over. You get hooked. After that you pray in a different way for the peace of Jerusalem, because now you know Ben Yehuda street, Zion square and Jaffestreet with the light rail.

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You know the Jaffe gate where the stabbing took place and Damaskus gate where people were shot dead. You experienced the feelings when the danger alarm went off and you had to walk down the stairs.  The hospitality of the Nel family builts strong relationships between the people living there together for a time. They become family, learning from each other and being descipled by Gerrit and Martie to live Gods way. God gave these two persons a special gift because they never get tired of people surrounding them all day long. Gerrit’s teachings lets a light break through on  the Word of God because understanding it from a Hebrew perspective is such a revelation that you continuously stand in awe. So you pray different. Because now you have family and a home in Jerusalem. 

Julia Newson – 2016

Since I came back from Israel, I have noticed, that I have losed my shame or at least it’s much better!
So now I’m moving around much more freely, which obviously feels real good! 
Praise our beloved Father!
And thank you to all for everything! 

Suandra Baard – 2016

Wow  – die toer na Israel het elke verwagting van my oortref – ongelooflike verby was dit elke dag het iets nuuts opgelewer – ons het Israel beleef uit die hand van ons toerleier wat ‘n passie en liefde vir Israel het …

Hoe sê ‘n mens dankie  …dankie aan die Nel Familie vir jul liefde en gasvryheid ..
Dankie die toer was amazing verby.

Jeanette Lombaard – 2016

I can truly say it was a wonderful journey and discovery, all the places we visited took me back in time…a revelation of how Great God we serve.

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Words(Fruitfulness&Life) our guides shared on a daily basis was truly written on the tablet of my heart, I will always remember thats the essence of Life. We are living otherside the cross how Victoriuos and Blessed, we are constantly reminded that YHWH indwells us! Thank you for hosting us we really were treated as Kings…rich deposits where made taking home all these investments to live it out infront of our own families and friends.

Hester Wagner – 2014

So my testimony of Israel actually starts in 2012 with others in our fellowship who had a vision and desire to visit Israel and specifically during Sukkot.

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The vision was written down and placed on the walls so we could see it, but I didn’t think I would be going, but was excited for the others who put their names down.Through the amazing way things and people came together and how we heard about Gerrit and Martie Nel and the tour, I can say it was only the Hand of the Father who orchestrated everything to dovetail and bring things together like a script of a movie.
Some people who had originally put their names on the list to come, had to withdraw, and it just “happened” to be that Sukkot this year was at the same time as my school holiday and I would be available to go.
The Father provided financially through people giving and blessing me, as well as making my salary stretch through the month as I had about 6 months to save for the trip, and I don’t earn a big salary working at a play-school.On our last day of the tour, I was really sad to leave, and I remember sitting on the bus and seeing my wallet in my mind’s eye and hearing the Father say that I should keep the 20 shekel note in there for my next trip and while I am thinking this at the back of the bus, Ilse said the exact same thing in the front of the bus.
Got me excited for the next trip!!!!
So when we got back…
On the 16 October 2013, I looked at my wallet and  saw my white stone with my name in Hebrew from the teaching at Ceasarea. My wallet was almost empty and it is a long time till pay day. I remember looking at the stone and saying “you not really working very well for me. what are you supposed to do? You need to do it soon” I really didn’t think anything of it.  The next morning I woke up to see an unexpected deposit in my account, a backdated remuneration. This is my miracle, because no one else that was entitled to get it, actually received the back pay!!!
So I am still waiting for the rest of the miracles and to see the proclamations we made from the king’s seat come to pass.
I am really so grateful to have been on this tour,to live in your  home and share your lives and generosity. To sit under Gerrit’s teachings and gain a deeper understanding of the Hebrew roots of my Faith and to experience Martie’s mother care. That has set it apart from other tours and I don’t think I would have come away with this love and enthusiasm for the land and the people on another tour. Each day was a highlight(Tel Dan, Genesis Land, Tiberias,Masada, Dead Sea,Old City, Yad Vashem) and I will cherish the memories. I miss Jaffa and Ben Yehuda streets and my walks on them and the places they led to…
So as you asked for a testimony and not a whole book, I will leave it there for now, knowing there is still so much more that my heart would like to express. This is the only topic people at home are hearing from me, and I am saying that they need to be on THIS  tour if they have a desire to come to Israel.
My prayer is that you continue to go from strength to strength and have much favour and opportunities.

Jacques – 2014

Ek, my vrou Lynette, my dogter Marjoli en my suster Tersia was bevoorreg om gedurende 2014 die Sukkot toer saam met Gerrit en Martie te kon meemaak.

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Die geestelike inpak wat dit in ons lewens gehad het is onbeskryflik. Die hartlikheid waarmee ons ontvang was en die liefde wat ons ervaar het van die twee mense saam met die hele Hebrew People span is iets wat ons hele lewe ons sal bybly. Die lering van Gerrit wat ons ontvang het saam met die plekke wat ons besoek het was van hoogstaande gehalte. Tydens die Sukkot toer het ons dan ook nuwe vriende en geestelike familie bygekry. Sal ons weer gaan; ja verseker en definitief weer saam met  Hebrew People. Die seën wat ons deur die toer ontvang het, het verseker n invloed op ons lewe gehad en kan ‘n mens nie anders as om met ‘n veranderde lewe terug te keer huis toe nie. Ons was ook bevoorreg om ‘n Sukka bo op die dak te kon bou en die Sukkotfees fisies sowel as geestelik te ervaar. Ons het selfs die seën van reën ervaar die eerste aand soos belowe in Vader se  Woord. ‘n Besoek aan Israel is nie ‘n vakansie nie, maar ‘n lewensveranderde ervaring. Hebrew People se tuiste is baie sentraal geleë en daar ervaar ‘n mens die hartlkop van die Joodse volk. Ons beveel ‘n Israel toer saam met die Hebrew People span aan – dit sal julle lewe verander!

Alma Thompson – 2013

Ek wil graag ietsie van my belewenis tydens my toer na Israel deel.
Dit was regtig besonders! Die blyery in die huis was een van die hoogtepunte, want binne die eerste dag het ons vriende gemaak en soos een groot gesin gevoel.

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Vir my was die besoek aan Tel Dan die wonderlikste ervaring van almal! Die proklamasies wat ons by die stad se ingang gemaak het, het baie diep in my hart gevat. Die krag van so ‘n proklamasie strek ver in die geesteswêreld in!
Die besoek aan Tiberias,die lieflike hotel, die heerlike kos… Dit was fantasties!
Ook die stappery deur die watertonnel wat Hiskia gebou het, was baie besonders!
En natuurlik die mikvah by En Gedi…
Hoe sonder mens iets uit??? Die hele ervaring: die feestelike Jerusalem tydens die Sukkotfees, die Ou Stad, die Meer van Galilea en Daniel Carmel, die Dooie See, Nasaret, Ceaserea en die wit klippies…
Ek spaar klaar vir my volgende toer!
My besondere getuienis is dat God my sy Hart gewys het en met my oor my hart gepraat het! Oral waar ek geloop het, het harte uitgepop! Dit was waarlik besonders!

June Freeman – 2013

Thank you very much for your hospitality, during our tour at Sukkot, it was a memorable experience.Our first day when we went to Genesis Land and had the Camel rides and the lunch with Abraham, was totally and unexpected and made it lovely day, and lots to learn bringing the story in the bible alive for a lot of us.

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The trip to Galilee and the trip on the boat was beautiful, we would have had that boat trip to start the day every day, altogether great, enjoyable , one of the high lights of the trip.I say one of the high lights of the trip, but Masada was my high light,
It is the one place I really wanted to see after seeing the movie Masada.   This was the one place I looked forward to visiting, the only thing that was missing was not being able to purchase the movie at the curio shop there.   It could be something to some visitors to be able to purchase that movie as it would be the story to relate to as to what happened there so many years ago.   Even if you offered it to the people who go on tour with you, just a thought.I would gladly visit Israel again on one of your tours, this time however I hope to be in perfect health, thank you once again for our wonderful stay with you.   Thank you for your generosity and your hospitality and allowing us the opportunity to make new friends.     All the best for the future and your ministry.May you be blessed in all you do.

Francois Michau – 2013

Vir die eerste keer in my lewe kon ek die woord by die werklikheid koppel  Nou kan ek die Woord met baie meer opwinding lees.  Ek het net weereens besef en is dankbaar dat ek n lewende God aanbid.

Johan Willems – 2013

Ek weet nou hoekom dit belangrik is om vir die Land te bid.  Die seen van die Here maak ryk.  Ek moet gehoorsaam wees en glo om dit te bekom.  Ek sien ook dat Vader geen behae het in godsdienst nie maar in n Verhouding met Hom.

Wilma Saayman – 2013

Ek het net weereens besef dat God die onmoontlike kan moontlik maak.  Na 3 knie operasies was daar n tyd wat ek wou twyfel of ek moet kom.  Maar Vader is getrou en selfs moeilike plekke maak Hy gelyk.  Dankie – Dankie.

Karen Crafford – 2013

Everytime I am more convinced of what I believe now!  The richness of hearing Truth gives me a hunger to search for more!  There is a deeper hunger in my heart to read and live the Scriptures.  There is a gratefulness in my heart that I might hear, experience and live that which I have received.

Edna – 2013

This tour to Israel changed my live.  I even love Yeshua more than ever.   I am not going back home the same.  I saw and took part of the discipleship living in your house and it was such a wonderful experience.  I love the whole team of Hebrew People.


Thank you for a wonderful trip. We were discipled, we travelled together,ate together, and fed on the word together.  We were under your umbrella of protection and benefitted from your vast knowledge of the land and the people.  Thank you for all that you have had FAITH for in order to bless others.


YHWH really wanted me to come to Israel in May 2014, as I was blessed with a free trip!  Father really had me on His mind as He started working on me from the first moment.

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I was challenged by the weather, the noise and most of all, other people!  But what a steep learning curve!  I can now confess that I came out stronger, more confident and with the deep knowledge of who I am in Him.  May our Father never stop working on me, challenging me and fine-tuning me.  I pray and hope to become more like Him.  This trip was life changing, so I would recommend everybody who is still seeking, to go.


Ek kan net getuig dat ‘n kuier by die Nel familie ‘n belewenis is. Jy leer so ongelooflik  baie van die geskiedenis van die Bybel  en ek sien uit na die volgende toer.[/show_more]